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Felix Fadjar Martha Hybrids

"I do not want to die in bed, if God allows, I want to die in my own garden" - Felix Fadjar Martha

32 years ago, Felix got his first zephyranthes. That's when Jack E. Craig gave him 7 bulbs of Zephyranthes Grandiflora "Fadjar's Pink" which's pink and some seeds of Zephyranthes Citrina which's yellow. He grow them and suddenly he think to cross both plants and which he keeps persistent and committed on breeding them up until today with passion along with help of Kepong, his gardener which create results of more and more beautiful blooms and flowers.

Once, a guy from Rio de Janerio came to his garden to see his rainliles, but as the rainlilies are not always in full bloom or blooming. Felix reject his idea, but it turns out he accept him because he already in Thailand and that guy already gave him some free plants from Rio. Lucky him, when he came the rainlilies are in full bloom - the blitz - . The sad thing is, none of Felix's children are aware of the beautiful blooms. :(


  1. Thank you so much for your devotion to rainlilies!

  2. i'm from Indonesia too. where i can find it?

  3. Selamat malam pak Felix, saya Anthie Harun dari Ende Flores NTT. Saya survivors cancer mammae, saya kontrol per 3 bulan ke jkt. Kalau bapak ijinkan saya ingin sekali melihat rainlily garden punya bapak. Atas kesedian bapak saya ucapkan terima kasih.
    Saya kontrol lagi bulan september awal, tanggal 11 saya sudah di jakarta. Semoga bapak berkenan.


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